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The Cat Language Bible

Believe it or not, Cats are the most interesting and intelligent creatures that we have around us. Another interesting factor about cats is that they feel a variety of emotions, complexities and also feel lethargic, giddy and remorseful time to time. So if you too own a cat and are looking for some ways to take your communication level with your cat to a higher level, then this Cat Language Bible is all you need to do it effectively.

The Cat Language Bible is not only your guide to understand your cat in a better way, but it also teaches you to translate various verbal and nonverbal clues that your cat might wants you to know. It also tells you various other interesting ways to respond back to your cat so that you can show them your emotions in a more effective way. With the help of this guide, you will also get to know what your cat likes or dislikes about you, your house as well as your hobbies.

“According to researchers in Tokyo, the studies conducted on Cat’s behavior has also revealed that cats understand humans, not just by voice tone, but also by identifying certain words, including their names, the owner’s name, various commands you’ve used, and many other stunning eavesdropping techniques that you had no idea about…” Isn’t that interesting?

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