The Ultimate Small Shop Review - How to set up a complete small workshop on a budget

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

How to set up a complete small workshop on a budget - Ultimate Small Shop

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The Ultimate Small Shop:

If you like to earn honestly and with dignity while you don't want to be anyone's slave, you may set up a workshop and start your journey as Wood-workers.

Yet there are some obvious problems that a new or beginner wood-worker always face!

Two crucial issues are workshop space choice and tool selection. Certainly, the market is full of wrong products with fake reviews.

But when you are on a tight budget, you don't want to lose money on wicked quality tools. With this in mind, today, I am presenting The "Ultimate Small Shop Guide."

This book called "How to set up a complete small workshop on a budget" results from years of experience and research of a well-known wood-expert.

With the research information’s, you can easily set up a workspace for you; even in your home.

Also, the provided tool list will help you to select and buy the necessary gears for cheap.

If you want to understand about building a tiny workshop, this detailed guide will help you a lot. It provides factual guidance for you regarding A to Z of workshop building.

Benefits in short:

1. This book is a detailed guide that will teach you by the chronology and explain how you precisely set up a fully functional wood workshop in a tiny space for under $1000.

2. In favor of this project, you need a minimum space of merely 10’x6’ square feet.

The book will guide you thoroughly. This small workshop will not be less capable, and function like a costly workspace that professionals use.

3. For easy understanding, this illustrated book's 246 pages are divided into six different modules. Going through the modules is enough to gain all the necessary information to start your personal workspace under an ultra-low budget.

4. The topics like- tool selection, space selection, pros, and cons of popular tools, safety guidelines are also included in the modules.

The Modules:

Tool Selection (Module-1):

This chapter will teach you how to settle the correct tools you need for your use.

With the custom suggestions, you will save more pennies that considered your return on investment (ROI). Additionally, 'the 5-second trick' to keep your machines and instruments in prime working health is also disclosed in the book.

Space Selection (Module-2): You will get a vast database and floor plans for setting up a new workspace that includes all extents of workshops.

This chapter will also suggest a better place for your set-up and why that's important.

Shop Layouts (Module-3):

This part will guide you through your workshop's possible plans and designs.

Space under 10’ x 10’ is also perfect for your start.

Electricity, Lighting, and Sound Proofing (Module-4):

You’ll discover the variety of lighting and power, including cost, layout, etc.

for your workshop. You can do the job yourself, if you love DIY, or hire the professionals to do so. Moreover, for any wood workshop, having soundproofing is mandatory; unless you want your neighbors to call the police for noise pollutions from your home.

This book will teach you how to do that correctly and have total peace.

Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & Dust (Module-5):

You will get a detailed guide about how you need to properly set up the heating, cooling, ventilation and, dust prevention for your workshop.

Certainly, the unique $3 trick will assure you to possess the fresh air.

With this method, you don't need the inside-to-outside ventilation for your workshop.

For long term wood storage, you will get accurate data concerning the perfect temperature for different woods.

Workshop Safety (Module-6):

Safety is the number one priority when working with these kinds of powerful tools.

This book also guides you to manage and regulate the overall protection of your workshop.

The experienced wood-workers do not even practice some of the tricks.

If you follow the rules, you will have a workspace free of any harmful incidents.

The following PDF file is given to everyone for free!! The Top 20 Tools

Why should you buy and use this guide book?

1. Firstly, if you want to acknowledge how to set-up your shop accurately, you need to buy this book for ultimate support and productivity!

2. Once you buy this guide, you’ll exactly know which devices and machines to order for the best quality.

3. You will get a complete list of expenditures on everything, and how to get them with profit is disclosed here. You can calculate your total budget from the part by part calculations provided by this guide.

4. All questions regarding the functional workshop space, plans, etc. are also answered.

5. The type of minimum tools to create basic wood projects is discussed with custom examples.

6. Issues like- customer dealing, avoiding poor quality accessories, etc. are also addressed.

7. Finally, all the essential factors in establishing a proper workshop are written in this book with an accessible format.

Disadvantages of this guide:

After reading this book, I found a few tiny points that I should tell you now.

Yes, this book is a friendly guide for new people, but it's based on a single man's experience. However, every experience comes with a different point of view person by person. So, as per me- if the author collaborated with other experts in the respective fields, it will come handier. Another fact is- if you follow this guide, you remain doubtful with one man's ideas and plans. Definitely, that's not the way of starting something. When it’s about thousands of dollars, or whatever your investment is, the ROI should be protected. You can use the book, but try avoiding 100% of the book's recommendation and talk with someone local you know with years of expertise.


This excellent guide outlines the experience of the author. He is in this field for over 20 years; you will learn from his long woodworking career. This book is the outcome of his countless mistakes and achievements. You will get the raw data regarding real-life errors and their solutions from it. Remarkably, that's not just a step-by-step plan; it’s the ultimate guide for turning your workshop into a productive place. So, if you want to build a woodworking career, you should read and use it for all the raw guidance! Thanks for spending time to read this article, if you like this article, please share this article to your friends or family :)

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