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Updated: Oct 11, 2020

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The Wolf Of Online Marketing - Super Affiliate System by John Crestani

Super Affiliate System Review - Is the course work purchasing?

Have you heard about this amazing Super Affiliate System?

A big thanks for checking out about Super Affiliate System before diving into it. Doing deep research before signing up for any option offered online is the ideal way to avoid scams.

Let’s see if this Super Affiliate System could be something you’d purse with or not.

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What is the Super Affiliate System Program?

This program captures the dream of laptop lifestyles where you can work anywhere and anytime.

The Super Affiliate System program is about selecting a niche and it’ll teach you who to build your sales funnel by producing free of cost traffic and using this one especially efficient way for affiliate advertising.

The Super Affiliate System is for you if you’re starting or looking to focus on developing your affiliate marketing company or business.

The period of this Super Affiliate System course is 3 months.

What you will get?

  • Week one – the basics of Super Affiliate System course

  • Week two – selecting your nice and click-tracking setup

  • Week three – Software and required tools

  • Week four – finding and creating landing pages

  • Week five – FACEBOOK Advertisement

  • Week Six – Google Adwords

  • Week seven – advance FB ads techniques

  • Week eight – overcoming failure

  • Week nine – advance copyright methods

  • Week ten – optimization and native advertising

  • Week eleven – scaling your campaigns and building a team

  • Week twelve – Super Affiliate interviews and summary

The main aim of the Super Affiliate System is to assist you to earn from 1 USD to 1000 USD online so you can see that it truly works and keep motivated.

How do you access it?

You can sign up for the 7 days of free training; you do not have to pay anything yet. You select the date and suit you best. This’ll show you around the complete training in building your internet business from the ground.

This training webinar rang by the creator of the program John CRESTANI and after that, you will offer to take further to purchase the program. JetsetLIVE.

The JetsetLIVE course price is 47 USD if you wish you’ve access to this course monthly webinar, and then you’ve to pay 47 USD each month.

Who is it for?

As the course name suggests, it is completely about affiliate marketing. Therefore, anybody who’s looking to make some money online but does not have their own items to sell can consider joining. Though, because Super Affiliate System course includes marketing tips that work globally, it is also helpful for those who’ve their products to sell.

The bulk of the training program is about paid ads, which means you’ve to be willing to spend money on advertisements. In return, a paid marketing option will provide you a chance to make a substantial amount of money in a short period of time. If you wish to become a successful online marketer without investing money, you’ll have to spend a long time to build a strong customer base purely from natural traffic before you start seeing passive income.

This is a training program, and there is no guarantee of success, but if you take all the advice that creator and other professionals provide, you’ll hopefully see the return of your investment without too many errors and trails.

The Super Affiliate System course is in video format means unfortunately it’s not for people who wish to digest info in the text, though, some info is available in PDF.

In summary, this course is suitable for people who’re:

  • Looking to make success in affiliate advertising in the short term

  • Looking to receive training through video, and

  • Willing to invest money on ads and tools

Does this course deliver?

  • Overall, the course does deliver; it provides a structured curriculum that’ll walk you via the complete procedure of starting an internet affiliate business. It also comes with a lot of benefits that’ll provide you an edge when you begin creating your affiliating marketing system.

  • The Super Affiliate System course is also backed by a 100 percent money-back guarantee, so the risk is minimal. We respect that creator stands by the quality of his Super Affiliate System course and backs it with a guarantee.

  • The Super Affiliate System itself covers several essential materials and absolutely delivers on the claims made in the sales page. We’d add just 1 caveat- affiliate marketing is not simple. It is like any business, needs hard work and persistence. If you are committed to the procedure you can definitely see success.

  • That said, you need to have realistic expectations when signing up for a program like this. John is not selling a get rich quick, foolproof system or method. He is selling business planning; the plan is viable and has made several people rich. Just be prepared to do the task.


  • Comprehensive curriculum

  • Simply to understand

  • Fine jumping block for beginners

  • Money-back guarantee

  • Valuable bonuses


  • The price is a little costly

  • Not perfect for experienced affiliate marketers

  • The Super Affiliate System could utilize some more advanced things

Final words

Is the course work purchasing?

I would say a big yes!! The training equips you with adequate experience to become a professional affiliate marketer straight away. The course also suits both marketing veterans and beginners. What I loved most about the course is that it comes from professional marketers who have succeeded online doing this. Besides the material, there’re the webinars to keep you always updated and edge out the completion. If you are looking for a thorough and simple to understand course on affiliate marketing, the Super Affiliate System could be what you need.

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