Speechelo Review - The Best Text to Speech Software

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Speechelo Review - The Best Text to Speech Software

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Speechelo Review

If you have been looking for the best text to speech tool, welcome to our Speechelo review. There might be several different occasions where you need to convert text to speech, but if you find typing simpler and faster than recording your individual voice, a tool like this’ll come in very handy for sure.

Now the questions are, will the ultimate work be actually usable? In another saying, will the voice be natural enough, not too mechanical? The Speechelo program is one of the best I have ever seen.

Check Out How Amazing Voices SOUND below:

About Speechelo

Speechelo is the world’s number 1 text to speech program for video creators. Its voices have elements that make the voice sound true and have whole the expressions that are required to make people more connected in your content and sound expert!

In addition, 98 percent of the people hearing a voice over made with Speechelo, can’t capable to tell that it’s not a true human voice.

As everyone knows as humans we’ve used hearing stories. Stories are these since the daybreak of humanity. People utilized t gather around the fire and listen to tales with their buddies and family. Though, this is why video content is not enjoyable without a fine voiceover which tells the real story.

That is where Speechelo comes in a program that rapidly transforms any text into a natural human sounding voice over with just three simple clicks.

Who is it for?

Everybody has a different purpose of turning text into a voice. You might already have text paper and simply want to upload on YouTube as an audio content but you might not;

  • Have a fine microphone or recording tool, or

  • Be in the correct environment (noisy area, for instance

  • Have no time to record it,

This program is also best for the people who’ve a speech issue like me. I have been advised a ton times that YouTube marketing is vital and I would have a nail it at some points. So keep practicing and get utilized to speaking in front of the cam. YouTube marketing is essential. It is a requirement…. What about the people who shutter?

We would spend a day or two struggling to record 5 minute audio. Speechelo program is the best time saver for us anybody who is not confident with their personal voice.

Speechelo Features

Speechelo is a new addition to the family of amazing apps in the Blaster Suite Family.

This is the new offering by the creators and in simple words, a text to speech tool wherein you put in the script in the text way, and with the clicks convert it into a human voice within seconds!

  • Works in English and 23 other languages

  • Transform any text into voice

  • Female and male voices included the only text to voice engine that adds inflections in the voice

  • Over thirty human sounding voices

  • Say goodbye to costly voiceover experts and unreliable freelancers

  • Read the text in three ways, joyful tone, normal tune, and serious tone

  • Works with video making tools, Adobe Premiere, Camtasia, Audacity, iMovie, etc.


  • Simply creates text to voice over

  • You can sell your voice-overs but just with the pro version

  • The standard version of the program comes with thirty voices

  • The program is fully cloud base. Nothing to download

  • ·An extremely reputable vendor with many long terms supported program

  • Additional languages and voices also available with the Pro version


  • Limited to 700 words and the Pro version has 2800 words limit

  • Pro version has a recurring payment each 3 months

Final words

In Speechelo program review, normal life and work, sometimes we need to convert text into speech, for our company or business videos and the speech recorder in real are extremely costly, and it takes time but it’s stored and transmitted to audio such as WMA, mp3 and other formats.

In order to complete the above mention features, you can purchase it to complete. But this way has certain issues and risks. The issue is that you’ve to look for such a tool but is the only one for now.

And when you search you’ve to be careful because some program looks to have such features but not even the same to Speechelo program, in fact, it cannot work at all.

They’ll ask you to install a program on your PC or mobile.

It’ll take up your disk storage; the risk is that several free programs will install a virus in your installation procedure, making your machine a broiler for several others, utilized by others.

Another choice is to utilize a paid program.

This way allows you to avoid the threat of viruses. So for your info safe, we suggest to purchase it.

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