Piano for All Review - The New Way To Learn Piano & Keyboard

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Piano for All Review - The New Way To Learn Piano & Keyboard

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Being capable to play an instrument can be extremely rewarding. It can be relaxing and provide you a creative outlet mind and make you very happy. It utilized to be that you had to take classes from an expert learn how to piano. But now with the state of the art technology like Piano For All, it is possible to learn to play the piano simply.

What is the Piano for All Program?

Piano For All programs can teach anybody how to play a piano player. It’s one of the most well-known online programs that has helped tons of people around the globe achieve their goal of playing it. Its complete program lays a base that can be used on any side and any musical style making you sound like a professional right from the beginning.

Its full package includes ten laid out E-books, 500 audio lessons, and 200 videos all too efficiently teach you how to play Piano.

Who created the Piano For All Program?

Robin Hall, the brain behind it, started his career as a cartoonist but Robin was more interested in the teaching field. Hence, he left his job and started writing about how to draw cartoons, meanwhile, Robin used to give piano classes.

Eventually, he realized that his major interest lies in teaching how to play the piano player. He utilized his years of skill and experience of teaching it to different sorts of people and made this program that can make you a professional piano player in no time.

From interesting tips to structure, he has included them all in the course, allowing you to learn all rapidly. Additionally, Robin has also mentioned his contact info on his website, so you can ask him any question and get your issues solved.

What to get?

When you purchase it, you get the choice of whether you need to download through the e-book or do you wish a hard copy DVD, it is up to you.

I prefer E-book way, why? Well, you get it right away into your mailbox. You can get both physical and virtual copies of the programs if you want for extra money, but I do not see the point. Unless, though, you’ve a family member or friend who needs to learn it also but might not have a PC or Laptop.

If that is the reason it makes sense to do this. Piano For All program consists of E-book with videos data embedded in the e-books.

So, do not worry you will get plenty of instructional video content you can follow to learn it.

When you order the Piano For All program, you’ll get 10 interactive e-books, 500 audio, and 200 video lessons. So, it is completely safe to say you get tons of content to keep you busy.


  • The program covers all vital aspects of learning and playing the piano which helps you become professional

  • Those who’ve tried Piano For All programs have been raving, about how wonderful and complete Hall’s system is which says tons because a lot of learners become uninspired to learn especially with boring classes.

  • A function that protects your investment is 2-month money-back guarantee

  • The lessons lay a solid and essential foundation for future and state of the art learning

  • Best value for the money.

  • You’ll be learning the way your favorite self-taught piano player learned using similar methods, techniques, and secrets.

  • You’ll definitely learn how to read music utilizing a unique way that other programs do not have.


  • Audio and video player ensure you’ve the needed players installed in your device and verify its ability

  • E-book volume, for those who do not like reading, they might find the program tedious, but they can also check the videos that can be really useful as well.

Final words

Having several reviews for the program and especially the verifiable testimonials of dozens of real learners satisfied with their outcomes and thankful to the creator for having made a wonderful way and for having produced modern effortless to play piano player, there’s no doubt that this amazing way can be recommended for it completely covers the expectations.

You can rapidly start to play and sound almost expert within days. You’ll be amazed as well as your family and friends with the speed of your progression. In no time you’ll be entertaining them sounding almost professional.

You might be motivated and you set yourself the defiant goal of learning and practicing more to reach even better outcomes. You’ll surely succeed and manage to play it as you like if you find your own timing for your practice and really enjoy learning without extra effort and most vital of all, having fun.

To sum up, will whole the contents, you can learn in your own way, at your own time, at your own plan and a fraction of the cost professional tuition would be. I’ll no longer feel intimated by the Piano player and will enjoy its match forever.

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