Pencil Drawing Made Easy Review - Amaze the world with your art skills

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Pencil Drawing Made Easy Review - Amaze the world with your art skills

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Pencil Drawing Made Easy

Debut of Pencil Drawing Made Easy:

Indeed, the art and the artists are the assets of our society.

From the unnamed cave painters to Michel Angelo, Van Gogh, to Pablo Picasso- everyone has a significant part in this society.

However, they are talented, and with their god gifted capability, they created many masterpieces that we only can imagine.

So, if you are thinking of start learning the ways of drawing, this book will surely the right step for you.

Introducing 'Pencil Drawing Made Easy' a digital online course material that can make you a standard painter if you follow it correctly!

You can get a complimentary course sample if you browse through the website.

The course:

The 'Pencil Drawing Made Easy' is a digital video course and divided that into different episodes so that a fresh student can learn drawing effortlessly.

Let's go through the chapters briefly.

1. Introduction: In this part/ video, you can learn the things regarding- the equipment, basics of drawing, crucial information regarding sketch, etc.

2. Shading Techniques: This video chapter will teach you how to learn the light and darkness balance to draw proper shading.

3. Creating Texture: In this video, you will get in-depth knowledge concerning texture creation!

4. Creating Depth: This chapter will teach you how to implement depth in any picture through drawing!

5. Negative Drawing: As you can understand from the word negative, you will learn about 'Negative Drawing' in this chapter.

6. Reflective Objects: This is a more advanced chapter, where you start learning about Reflective Objects.

7. Realistic Eyes: Human eyes are tough to paint/ draw in a paper; you will learn how to do that properly.

8. Realistic Noses: For drawing a fully human character, you need the nose correctly. This chapter will teach you to do it properly.

9. Realistic Mouths: In this chapter, the things about drawing Realistic Mouth are discussed.

10. Realistic Ears: As described, you learn about 'Realistic Ears' drawing.

11. Cheek, Chin, Neck, and Forehead: Certainly, these are essential parts of a human body, so this is a required video lesson too.

12. Realistic Hair: You can learn about correctly drawing real-life human hairs when you are ready from this chapter.

13. Beards and Moustaches: Moustaches and Beards are also a part of the identification of anyone, so you will learn how to draw that correctly.

Advantages of 'Pencil Drawing Made Easy':

1. The first step to draw is always challenging if you don't have the right 'guru' or 'teacher' with proper know-how! With the 'Pencil Drawing Made Easy', it won't need long to learn the basics, and slowly you will determine to paint like a professional artist.

2. With the 'Pencil Drawing Made Easy' course, you will really feel the growth of your training. It will help you to swiftly mature through the course.

3. Drawing sensible is not a dream anymore. With the help of 'Pencil Drawing Made Easy,' you will discover how to draw lifelike beards, hair, Eyes, and total portraits.

4. You only need a pencil, paper and a computer with an internet connection. It's a quick way to learn drawing, yet you can take as much time as you can. The course remains a lifetime for you. So after you got all the knowledge from it, you can pass it to your family members.

Things you should know while you are conducting the digital course:

There are a few things you need to 'know and comply with' before entering any courses. But today I am focusing on this art course, so let me show you that.

1. It is a digital course (online) containing HD video tutorials from various talented art teachers. You also receive ebooks, PDF, etc.

2. To enter the course, you will require a computer with an updated browser like Google Chrome or Opera. To read the pdf files, you also need a pdf reader software. However, you can use your smartphone for this too. But you certainly need a bigger screen size so that you can correctly comprehend these tutorial videos!

3. The platform is mobile-friendly, so you can use your smartphone to join the classes likewise.

4. You need a kit of drawing pencils like- H, HB, 2H, 2B, 4B, to 8B. You also necessitate a drawing board, kneaded eraser, soft eraser, drawing papers, etc.

5. Your transaction or payment is secure by 128bit SSL encryption. You also access this course lifetime, once you have paid. Although, if you are not satisfied with the course, you will get your money back within 60-days! It's the smart money-back guarantee for the 'Pencil Drawing Made Easy' course.

6. Critical features regarding the 'Pencil Drawing Made Easy' course:

It is an online 26 Hours of HD digital video course.

7. You also receive a 16-hours worth of bonus Training.

8. You also receive additional downloadable References and art templates.

9. After the payment is approved, you will get instant access to the digital library, and your license has lifetime validity.

10. Moreover, it also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Cons of this digital drawing course:

After going thoroughly to the course for 100+ hours, I noted a small flaw in the program.

Because it’s a totally digital online course, so they don't offer any physical art books.

Yes, they have tons of e-books, templates, etc. But they are digital.

That means, if you like to have a hard copy of their book, you need to print the PDF files yourself.

Final words:

Ultimately, the 'Pencil Drawing Made Easy' online course is a first step to learning the essence of the art of pencil drawing.

If you like to be a painter, but you don't have any skills with pencils, you are nothing!

This digital course can work for anyone with zero experience to a more moderate skillful artist who likes to learn more.

There is no age limit for learning.

Also, this pandemic time when getting out is a potentially dangerous situation online-learning is a smart idea.

With their 60-days money back offer, you can cancel the payment if the 'Pencil Drawing Made Easy' course is too strenuous for you.

I personally don't find the course challenging; if you concentrate on chapter-wise learning and practice more.

Now it's your time to amaze the world with your art skills!

Thanks for spending time to read this article, if you like this article, please share this article to your friends or family :)

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Pencil Drawing Made Easy

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